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Graham Cline
Big Changes Coming to Connect in 2015

We're right around the corner from unveiling the small business community you've been asking for! We're excited to announce Manta Connect's re-launch on an ... (more)

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Heather Seitz
How to Write a Welcome Email Campaign Infographic

Though the ROI from email marketing is going up, subscribers are becoming more selective. Here’s how to build a relationship with email subscribers.

Check out ... (more)

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Heather Seitz
How to Write a Welcome Email Campaign

When you subscribers get more out of your emails then the time it takes to read them, you know you have a solid relationship with your list. Use these seven steps ... (more)

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Gilles Cailleaux
How to get my customers back?

How to point out my customers from where they came any buy some candies.
I Sell calissons and candy online in orange county CA, some customers review us very ... (more)

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Andrew Miller
I'm getting 4-5k clicks a month and few sales.What am I missing here?

Web orders used to be half our business and we were ranked first or second on the first page. We've been selling on the web since the 80's.
We built a new and ... (more)

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Cody Hendrix
Choosing the Right Domain Name for your Website

When finding a domain name for your business, there's a good chance the .com, or even .net and .org are taken.

We conducted a ... (more)

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Heather Seitz
How to Build Email Lists

The key to a responsive list starts with how you attract subscribers in the first place. Do you know what are the elements of what makes a list responsive?

... (more)

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Patrick McFadden
The RFP is Dead: Long Live RFEs

Something dawned on me today as I was consulting a midsize professional service firm on developing educational content across the total customer ... (more)

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Patrick McFadden
The Best Way to Supercharge Your B2B Advertising Efforts

When it comes to B2B lead generation I will always place advertising as the final piece to the puzzle, not because I don’t think it has much value, but because ... (more)

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Heather Seitz
Building Your Email List

Everyone knows you need to offer prospective subscribers “real perceived value” for them to opt-in, but what else do you need to do? How do you build up to ... (more)

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Heather Seitz
Email List Building Techniques

You’ve got a captive audience to communicate with when you build an optin email list properly. It is important that you've built a solid relationship with your ... (more)

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Erfan Mohammed
What can dozen coffee cups do for your business?

Probably nothing. But some taste of coffee for you may be.

But for the same price you can gain benefits such as

Improved loyalty through two way ... (more)

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Heather Seitz
Email List Building Tips

Steps to building a high converting opt-in list: identify what your target subscriber wants, create a simple opt-in page, setup your subscription form to go on ... (more)

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Patrick McFadden
How to Make Marketing Strategy More Than a Nice Idea

Few things are more confusing or mystifying to CEOs and business owners more than the idea of marketing strategy.

I think that’s due in part to simple ... (more)

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Karen Cummings
Make a Great First Impression with your Website

Do you rely on the internet to drive customers through your door? Use ... (more)

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Erfan Mohammed
Why isn't having your own website enough?

Having your own website is great. But only if you know what you need to do get more customers to your business.

Many SEO companies say a lot and also charge you ... (more)

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Patrick McFadden
Marketing Is Your Most Important Process

A lot of people ask me what Indispensable Marketing is. Usually Indispensable Marketing represents one of the various parts they’ve come into contact ... (more)

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Steven Ransom
How do you find the right keywords?

It would seem that picking out the right keywords and then employing them in keyword advertisement would be an easy enough task. But don't let the simplicity of ... (more)

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Pat Carroll
I made my own website with WordPress. How can I improve it?

I don't know much about this but I know I need help. Please help me understand how I can make improvements on my own. (more)

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Major changes, looking for some feedback.

Over the last several months, I have been working on making our website better for our visitors from the site loading faster and being able to find things easier ... (more)

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Erfan Mohammed
Is Social Media a correct strategy for your local business?

There is so much talk about Social Media (SM) and how it can help businesses.
There is good chance that SM can build brand reputation for big or retail ... (more)

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Patrick McFadden
Differentiate Your Business or Die

Quite often business owners will ask me to reveal the most powerful marketing strategy I have seen. I can say without hesitation that the most powerful marketing ... (more)

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Patrick McFadden
3 Types of Content That Every Architectural and Engineering Firm Must Employ

The creation and distribution of content has become such a significant aspect of effective marketing that it requires a high place in the strategy conversation in ... (more)

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Heather Seitz
Email Marketing Metrics - Which ones to look out for

When you have multiple statistics to look at, some of which are very similar, sometimes you can lose your mind trying to figure everything out (which numbers are ... (more)

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Patrick McFadden
7 Quick Ways to Turn LinkedIn into a Relationship-Building and Engagement Workhorse

LinkedIn just isn’t that complicated.

Oh, sure, its evolved from an online resume to a content platform and there’s all the new updates out every year, but ... (more)

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