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Cato Pest Control
Top 10 in your profession ?

Has any one had experience with a company that claims to objectively report the top ten companies in your field? I won't name the company but they are all over ... (more)

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Patrick McFadden
3 Proven Ways to Generate More Leads

If you’ve read my content, then you know I’m a strategy over tactics marketing consultant, but sometimes you just need some new ideas and tactics.

B2B lead ... (more)

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Patrick McFadden
Indispensable Marketing Tip: Be selective about the prospects with whom you meet

Expressing an “interest” in your product or service is not a strong enough reason to schedule an appointment with a potential prospect. If prospects’ ... (more)

48 1

Patrick McFadden
Websites Are No Longer Enough (Build Your Obvious Choice Web Presence)

No longer is it enough to build a Website and expect to compete these days. Prospects, even those that are looking to do business locally, turn to search engines ... (more)

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Michelle Childress
Tracking money lost from not taking advantage of discounts when paying invoices

According to The American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers, recording discounts lost does not only “simply bookkeeping”, it allows your company to ... (more)

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Patrick McFadden
Do Offline Marketing Tactics Still Work?

All businesses, regardless of industry, have become what I call O2O businesses – their primary marketing objectives are focused on driving people online to ... (more)

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Sue Riffe
Hi, I am Suzy From Suzys Gift Shop.My online business has been up almost a year. I have spent a lot of hard earned money to get started.

How can I get more customers. I know internet marketing is not a guarentee that it will be profitable, but in this first few months I am in desperate need of ... (more)

315 9

Erfan Mohammed
Why simply having your own web-site is not just enough?

Having your own web site is great. But only if you know what you need to do get more customers to your business.

Many SEO companies say a lot and also charge you ... (more)

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Donnie Harris
322 6

Trifon Anguelov
Anyone has good ideas on how to promote photography business in San Francisco Bay Area?

I am the owner of Trifon Anguelov Photography and wondering if anyone has good ideas on how to promote ... (more)

163 7

allan han
64 1

Landmark Tax Group
IRS Tip for Small Business Owners: "Trust Fund" money

Never use "trust fund" money to pay monthly business expenses. Trust funds can include employee's withholding and FICA/Payroll tax funds. If you owe payroll taxes ... (more)

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Landmark Tax Group
Have you used Craigslist to advertise your business? Has it worked for you?

Have you had any success using Craigslist to sell your products or services?

Michael Raanan, MBA, EA
Former IRS ... (more)

3910 11

Cato Pest Control
Is your small business standardized?

You're just getting started. You probably aren't thinking too much about selling or franchising your business but one day you just may want to. For that reason ... (more)

60 0

Patrick McFadden
Land Your First Huge Speaking Gig With This Presentation Proposal That Can’t Be Refused

A few years ago, I submitted my first presentation to a premier conference.

I’d love to tell you I knocked it out the park, but my presentation proposal was ... (more)

62 0

Erfan Mohammed
How better engagement with customers can save 100s of dollars

Establishing better relations with people is the key to retain your existing customers
and grab the attention of new ones.

Email is not working these days and ... (more)

63 0

Neil Lemon

WHY MUSIC DOES NOT SELL ANYMORE?: The music industry loses billions of dollars a year to illegal music file copying. What happened? Modern technology is what ... (more)

77 0

Neil Lemon
My Third Website. Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Should someone have more than one business online website? Or is there something to say about trying to multi-stream an income? I recently setup a third website ... (more)

82 0

Patrick McFadden
7 Indisputable Laws of Small Business Marketing

Marketing is a great way to not compete on price, charge a premium and grow a business. Develop a systematic approach to marketing and you’ll gain more ... (more)

277 4

Patrick McFadden
12 Essential Elements Every Marketing Plan Needs

So. You think you’ve got yourself a good marketing plan.

You choose your marketing plan format. You knocked out the first draft. You allowed it to sit for an ... (more)

152 2

Robert Henderson
175 8

Cato Pest Control
Social Media icons

If you've link your home page to your social media accounts why not dress your links up a bit with icons representing the site. All you have to do is go to google ... (more)

49 0

Heather Seitz
Optimize Your Unsubscribe Process

How do you want subscribers to unsubscribe from your email list? Hopefully not by clicking the spam button! Whether you're using the one click unsubscribe, ... (more)

39 0

Landmark Tax Group
A token of appreciation for our fellow Manta members

We value our Manta friends and are thankful for the opportunity to share our expertise with you over the last few years. We also feel fortunate to have helped ... (more)

38 0

Patrick McFadden
A Content Creation Strategy That Works Only For Small Business

When I talk with business owners about the value and need to create content, I often try to get them to think as a writer or artist would and create a strategic ... (more)

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