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Yourtown, USA
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Anthony Marlatt
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Emily Steele
Aloha! Honolulu Lei Greetings is looking to connect with more travel agents who are interested in arranging airport lei greetings...

Our focus is on quality and we treat every visitor as our guest. We greet our guests right at their gate with a beautiful fresh flower lei of their choice and ... (more)

6 minutes ago
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Emily Steele
We ship Hawaiian leis fresh from the islands, nationwide. I'd love to connect with flower shops around the country who want fresh leis...

... for graduation, Mother's Day, or Hawaiian-themed weddings. Are you a florist in the United States? I'd love to connect with you and set up a wholesale ... (more)

10 minutes ago
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kristen summers
where are my customers? Do I have any and do not know how to retrieve them?

You guys have all been amazing chating with but I have poured out some very effective ways to attract clients and none. Just publishing comp. Manta says my ... (more)

12 minutes ago
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j. m.
i want to expand advertisement,cost effective. we go to customers,fuel is an issue. how can i reach future customers without losing money in advertisment?

i have started a home repair automobiles below the year 2002 only. have my own tools and trucks and looking to expand to 10 local trucks servicing the ... (more)

18 minutes ago
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Norma Rodriguez
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Enrique Stuart
26 4

Kattia Bolanos

Customer service satisfaction is vital to a business’s success. The experience a customer has when trying to resolve a problem will greatly affect whether or ... (more)

43 minutes ago
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Penelope Johnson
Last minute special

[img] (more)

45 minutes ago
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Seth Randall
Update From SER Wholesale Electronics

[color=rgb(51, 51, 51)][font='lucida grande', tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif]The Featured Products At SER Wholesale Electronics Today Are The Maxam Trombone, ... (more)

50 minutes ago
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Francoise Luca
Are you a B2B or B2C business?

B2B businesses are those businesses that provide goods or services to other businesses.

B2C businesses are those businesses that provide goods or services to ... (more)

55 minutes ago
16 2

james walter mccrae jr
2 1

Francoise Luca
What to do with your business when you retire

A big question for many baby-boomers looking to retire. And more importantly, how to get top dollar for your business and how to plan your exit strategy.

The ... (more)

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Michael Krause
259 23

Wilde Web Marketing
Looking for Reputable Web Design/Internet Marketing (SEO, PPC, SEM, ETC) Firms to Provide Various Services to Our Clients.

We are looking for multiple service providers in various areas of web design and Internet marketing to serve the needs of our clients. This outsourcing will be ... (more)

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Joye Smith
It's The Day After Tax Day....How'd That Go?

Tax Season has come to a close and this article will help make next tax season less ... (more)

4 0

Michael Krause
Business Owners On Twitter and Facebook, Help Each Other Grow in Likes and Followers

I propose that as business owners with social marketing tied to our websites, that we unite and help each other grow with LIKES and FOLLOWERS ... (more)

76455 3025

Randall Slicker
Is your email marketing campaign as effective as it could be? Is your marketing mix getting the best ROI that it could get?

[font='Tahoma','sans-serif']Mixing the media that you send your message on can significantly increase the traffic on your website. Studies have shown that the ... (more)

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Landmark Tax Group
Made a mistake on your tax return? Here's how to file an Amended Return.

What should you do if you already filed your federal tax return and then discover a mistake? Don’t worry; you have a chance to fix errors by filing an amended ... (more)

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Thomas Grainger
Business owners Did you Know that you can offer employees additional benefits and actually reduce your corporate taxes? its true!

I don't know a single business owner that could not benefit from a reduction in their corporate or business taxes! Saving money on corporate taxes by adding ... (more)

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Thomas Grainger
Business owners Have you ever been told that you cannot fully fund your personal 401K plan for a year due to top heavy statusin your plan

Have you ever had to undo a plan year contribution for your business retirement plan? Has you accountant or plan TPA limited your contributions for a year ... (more)

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Nicholas Piazza
How to Network ? New to Manta

Hello Everyone,
I just started using Manta. I'm in CT.just looking for some insite and advise
on how to contact other Manta users so I can try to Net Work my ... (more)

522 8

R. Portella
How to hire the right taxi service ?

Since am doing the transportation business for over 25 years in New York, look that I know almost everything. If you are traveler or visitor in New York, never ... (more)

54 1

Trifon Anguelov
Anyone has good ideas on how to promote photography business in San Francisco Bay Area?

I am the owner of Trifon Anguelov Photography and wondering if anyone has good ideas on how to promote ... (more)

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