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Norma Rodriguez
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Heather Seitz
7 Email Subject Line Templates to get Your Emails Opened

The only way your next email campaign will succeed is if people open your emails. And the only way to do that is to you killer subject lines. How do you create ... (more)

7 1

Erfan Mohammed
What is Balyhoosing anyways? And why you should consider doing it.

Just 12 years ago, people opened business directories like Yellow books to find what they wanted.
If you have your business listed in Yellow then you will get ... (more)

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Cato Pest Control
Who doesn't love a "like new" find at a bargain basement price? Save at thrift shops,and yard sales but, know the Pest Control pitfalls.Tip

Do you just love to save a buck in thrift shops, on craigslist and at yard sales? Who wouldn't want a "like new" treasure at a bargain basement price? Understand ... (more)

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Hieu Nguyen
Grow your business with "Facebook like"

Hi Manta Friends,
I have a couple facebook page, please click like on my facebook page i will click "like your facebook" on your facebook so we can help each ... (more)

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Heather Seitz
Email Subject Lines: 7 Templates to get Your Emails Opened

If your subject line uses curiosity, a benefit, or a combination of both, you should get a good open rate, and if you are offering value in your copy you should ... (more)

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Graham Cline
Big Changes Coming to Connect in 2015

We're right around the corner from unveiling the small business community you've been asking for! We're excited to announce Manta Connect's re-launch on an ... (more)

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Cato Pest Control
Spiders in your South Jersey office mean insects in the area.

Are you seeing spiders on your South Jersey commercial property? The presence of spiders means other insects are in the area. Spiders only make their webs in ... (more)

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Patrick McFadden
12 Essential Elements of a Successful Marketing Plan

When you're a small to midsize business, two things are scarce: time and resources. To create an effective new business strategy and ensure you're not wasting ... (more)

6 0

Heather Seitz
How to Write the Best Welcome Email Campaign

Building a relationship with your list isn’t hard. All you need is a good welcome email campaign. Follow our seven simple steps and you’ll be on your way to ... (more)

2 0

Heather Seitz
Build the Best Email Welcome Campaign

Building a relationship with your list is a crucial part of building a profitable list. If they don’t trust you, why would they buy from you? It all starts with ... (more)

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Andrew Miller
I'm getting 4-5k clicks a month and few sales.What am I missing here?

Web orders used to be half our business and we were ranked first or second on the first page. We've been selling on the web since the 80's.
We built a new and ... (more)

3488 8

Patrick McFadden
Naming Your Processes Is Your Winning Difference

One of the greatest challenges every small to midsize business faces is getting the prospect to pay attention to how they are different.

It may not actually be ... (more)

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charles folger
I'm a landscaper looking for an easy way/software so I can show before and after pics to clients.

It's nice to be a landscaper. When you go to someone's house and they've been trying to get their landscaping right, and I come in and put a smile on their face ... (more)

2387 14

Karen Cummings
7 Tips for an Awesome Pinterest Strategy for Your Business

As an e-commerce business, product company or even service business, Pinterest is an amazingly effective social platform to drive visitors to your website, and ... (more)

12 0

Heather Seitz
How to Write a Welcome Email Campaign Infographic

Though the ROI from email marketing is going up, subscribers are becoming more selective. Here’s how to build a relationship with email subscribers.

Check out ... (more)

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Heather Seitz
How to Write a Welcome Email Campaign

When you subscribers get more out of your emails then the time it takes to read them, you know you have a solid relationship with your list. Use these seven steps ... (more)

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Gilles Cailleaux
How to get my customers back?

How to point out my customers from where they came any buy some candies.
I Sell calissons and candy online in orange county CA, some customers review us very ... (more)

21 0

Cody Hendrix
Choosing the Right Domain Name for your Website

When finding a domain name for your business, there's a good chance the .com, or even .net and .org are taken.

We conducted a ... (more)

100 0

Heather Seitz
How to Build Email Lists

The key to a responsive list starts with how you attract subscribers in the first place. Do you know what are the elements of what makes a list responsive?

... (more)

78 0

Patrick McFadden
The RFP is Dead: Long Live RFEs

Something dawned on me today as I was consulting a midsize professional service firm on developing educational content across the total customer ... (more)

86 0

Patrick McFadden
The Best Way to Supercharge Your B2B Advertising Efforts

When it comes to B2B lead generation I will always place advertising as the final piece to the puzzle, not because I don’t think it has much value, but because ... (more)

86 0

Heather Seitz
Building Your Email List

Everyone knows you need to offer prospective subscribers “real perceived value” for them to opt-in, but what else do you need to do? How do you build up to ... (more)

79 0

Heather Seitz
Email List Building Techniques

You’ve got a captive audience to communicate with when you build an optin email list properly. It is important that you've built a solid relationship with your ... (more)

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Erfan Mohammed
What can dozen coffee cups do for your business?

Probably nothing. But some taste of coffee for you may be.

But for the same price you can gain benefits such as

Improved loyalty through two way ... (more)

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