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Patrick McFadden
How to Make Your Competitors Irrelevant

There are plenty of people out there with exceptional products and services who are losing out to others with lesser offerings and higher prices.

What’s going ... (more)

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aaron oberlin
Realtors and Lenders: New Fannie Mae Guidelines

[color=rgb(43, 43, 43)][font=Lato, sans-serif]The waiting period requirements for people who have had a previous deed-in-lieu of foreclosure or preforeclosure ... (more)

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Patrick McFadden
How to better understand or dissect any organization you would like to engage or sell

The steps I'm about to reveal below have profound implications for anyone that wants to join or sell to another organization. Some of my competitors may think I'm ... (more)

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Patrick McFadden
How We Ramped Up Our Content Marketing Success in 7 Easy Steps [Small Business]

Content marketing is how you use the tool. It is the creation of free valuable content that has a marketing purpose. For indispensable marketing readers that ... (more)

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Tony Tennaro
Can we be successful and significant without compromise?

Five very different businesses are answering the question of "How can we lead and grow businesses while impacting the lives of those we reach each day in lasting ... (more)

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Jennifer Chen
Hello, it's sunny today in Zhejiang , China .

I'm a easy going woman, and like to make a friend with all of business friends .

If someone from oversea need a travel leader , please contact with me .

That's ... (more)

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Nancy Lake
How do people find websites?

How do people find a website? What key words should be used? Can I choose my own key words? (more)

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Jay Taylor
Where should you start when creating a new website?

I don't have much of an idea about SEO and I would like to know from all you knowledgeable guys on how to start with a website. What is the first thing that you ... (more)

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Ericka Kay Turner
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1010Customer Service
Are You A New Business Owner That Wants To Get Started In The Right Direction?

As a small business owner, I under your needs. Let 1010Computers, LLC. help get your business started in the right direction.

Local ... (more)

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Charles Dreher
LOOKING to fund a Film Production Company, Film Projects and/or Film Funds?

There is a better way…

Financial Architect Film Producer(tm) See Overview video here: ... (more)

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Joye Smith
Ready to retire but want your business to keep growing...This article will tell you how you can make that happen

[color=rgb(68, 68, 68)][font='Open Sans', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Passing the Torch – Preparing Your Business and its Heirs for the Future! - See more at: ... (more)

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Patrick McFadden
3 High Payoff Activities on LinkedIn for Business Owners

Living inside the bubble of the social media world, it’s easy to forget that many business owners still don’t know how to reconcile social media into their ... (more)

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Julie Ross
Business Owners! Can't Afford Health Insurance For Your Employees?

There is a solution! Keep retention and employee morale. Offer medical, dental, vision, prescription, chiropractic and more for only $49.95 per month.
... (more)

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Tim Lien
Hello,my name is Tim Lien. Can anyone recomend a marketing firm that dosen't charge an arm and a leg to help me with sales across the U.S.

I have a newly patented garden plant support called the tomato cradle.I have had very good sales in my region since I started production 4 years ago but have had ... (more)

459 12

Tyler Reitenbaugh
Need to generate more leads. I have plenty of $$$ to give to companies I can't help. How do I approach the situation?

One of my best options to help businesses is to compete with their merchant services. I have $100 gift card to give to companies who's rate I cannot beat. How ... (more)

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Greg Garrick
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Patrick McFadden
How to Make Perfect Email Introductions

If you're in business, then networking is one of the most powerful strategic activities you can engage in if you do it right.

Part of doing it right means ... (more)

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Heather Seitz
The 5 Best Ways to Get Your Email Opened First

Email can be the most powerful, profitable, and inexpensive marketing tool out there, but the problem is that all of your competitors know this too. A lot of ... (more)

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Michael Krause
Business Owners On Twitter and Facebook, Help Each Other Grow in Likes and Followers

I propose that as business owners with social marketing tied to our websites, that we unite and help each other grow with LIKES and FOLLOWERS ... (more)

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Patrick McFadden
Must Know: What’s the Difference Between Content and Content Marketing?

The difference between the two—content and content marketing— is significant. ... (more)

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Patrick McFadden
Do I Lower Prices When I’m Struggling?

My advice has always been and will forever be – instead of being cheaper, just be better.

What could you do to make a visit, meeting, or conference with you ... (more)

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Charles Dreher
Introduction--Raising Capital in the United States

"When it comes to raising capital, there are no guarantees. . .only degrees of probability. To ensure success, simply increase the probability to the highest ... (more)

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Heather Seitz
Check Out this Great Slide Show about Email Marketing

Hey everyone, here is a great slide show about e-amil marketing and how to get your subscribers to open your e-mail first! are you doing all these ... (more)

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