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Landmark Tax Group
11 Tips for Taxpayers Who Owe Money to the IRS

Most taxpayers get a refund from the Internal Revenue Service when they file their tax returns. For those who don’t get a refund, the IRS offers several options ... (more)

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Patrick McFadden
7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success

It’s common these days that I get asked to explain the core components in the Indispensable Marketing small business marketing process. ... (more)

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Joye Smith
Have You Heard?!? Tax Season is Over!!!

Tax Season is over but guess what you can make your next tax season less taxing.

[color=rgb(68, 68, 68)][font='Open Sans', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Have You ... (more)

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Lisa Santos
Surveying the many of you are use SMS Marketing in your business?

The growth of mobile phone and tablet usage is extraordinary and it's evident everywhere you go...there's always someone with their head down looking at their ... (more)

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Fakhry Kamel
How can I make my website look more professional?

We have created new website , it is about Egyptian hand made products. Glass Christmas Ornaments, Perfume bottles, Music Instruments ... (more)

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Chas Wyatt
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Karen Cummings
Are You Getting the Most out of your Pinterest Pins?

Is your business using Pinterest to increase your reach and drive traffic to your site? If so, did you know there are a few simple tips that can improve your ... (more)

171 2

Lauran Childs
Wordpress SEO?

Hi, I'm lost as to how to work with SEO for my Wordpress site -

Can anyone suggest how I fix this? Have tried to sort this a few times but ... (more)

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aaron oberlin
Do LIKES and FOLLOWERS on Facebook and Twitter help?

Getting LIKES and FOLLOWERS on Facebook and Twitter give leads a sense that your company is established. If you have thousands of people liking or following you, ... (more)

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Landmark Tax Group
How Long To Keep IRS Tax Records

Outside of tax season, you may not think about doing your taxes, but maybe you should. Some of the expenses you’ve paid over the past few months might qualify ... (more)

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Kartar Singh
How to tackle site map for website having 10000 pages?

Hello I have a brand new site ( with 10000 + pages. I was wondering if there is an easy way to create site map for Google, bing and other ... (more)

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Germaine Leroux
Hi, My name is Germaine M. Leroux and I am a Hair Extension Specialist!

I have a new business that specializes in providing natural looking hair extensions I am open to any suggestions on how I grow this business would be great! (more)

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Chas Wyatt

Anyone belong to ? If so, any insights about the network you care to share? Thank you.
Chas, (more)

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Heather Seitz
5 Reasons Not to Buy An Email List

Buying an email list might sound like a good idea, but it’s really not, and it could cost you big time. There are lots of less expensive and more effective ways ... (more)

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Patrick McFadden
What is Spam?

Spam is commercial, unsolicited, unanticipated, irrelevant messaging, sent in bulk. It's the email you didn't ask to get, the junk in the comments that's selfish ... (more)

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Denise Yvette Melendez
16907 325

JD Murry
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Neil Lemon
I'd like to offer a free 10 second promo video to be of help...

I know there's a lot of shoe string budget small businesses. Well, allow me to toss you a free bone for getting your business some attention.
I'd like to offer a ... (more)

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Deb Riddell
How can a tightly budgeted entrepreneur create a mobile friendly site?

My DIY website looks okay until I view it on mobile, iPad, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I need a very professional look as I'll be marketing myself to physicians and ... (more)

172 3

Faith Trimble
How will using Manta Connect help my business grow?

How will using Manta Connect help grow my business? (more)

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Landmark Tax Group
Unpaid Debt Can Affect Your IRS Refund

If you owe a debt that’s past-due, it can reduce your federal tax refund. The Treasury Department’s Offset Program can use all or part of your refund to pay ... (more)

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Patrick McFadden
5 Social Media Lessons Gleaned from a New SMB Study

There is no shortage of social media advice. Unfortunately, much of it is often at odds, conflicting and even confusing.

This is why sound research is so ... (more)

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Stacy Rojas-Guerra
What's the best way to sell my products locally and abroad?

I want to sell my products locally and internationally, how should I go about this?

My Business name Texas Divas Boutique

Our ... (more)

1921 6

Kristy Campbell
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Patrick McFadden
5 Things You Must-Know To Sell To a Small Business Owner

I won’t wait. I’ll tell you right off that I suspect there are Fortune 500 consultants that would charge tens of thousands of dollars for what I’m about to ... (more)

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