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Sandy Jackson
Resume Writing Workshops

UNEMPLOYED? UNDER-EMPLOYED! This workshop is for you! Discover the secret to writing our AWARD-WINNING RÉSUMÉ. Learn how the secrets to our POWER ... (more)

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Kartar Singh
How do you get indexed on Bing and Yahoo?


I have submitted site map for my brand new website to Bing three weeks before. As of this writing, they still have not indexed my website. My website is ... (more)

7496 13

Angela Howard
54 2

Javier Gutierrez
Can anyone recommend a good way to advertise my business for free of little money?

I just started my own company, and i was looking for profitable was to make it grow. So i figure like in every business, my wholesale of diamond tools business ... (more)

131 5

Esther Leyva
I LIKE'd your business what?

There are many threads on here, and other sites like Manta, asking to share LIKE's on each others' business page. Many will add their links because they know that ... (more)

7109 151

Patrick McFadden
The 7 Indisputable Laws of Small Business Marketing

When small business marketing fails, it’s because the small business owner challenged, doubted and questioned these 7 indisputable laws of small business ... (more)

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Amjad Anthony
get more customers

how can i get more customers ? any suggestions (more)

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Christine Shirley
I would like advise on optomizing our website so we have more traffic coming to our new site:

We just started this new site and sell medical products.

Also, are there any user groups that we might join to continue us with this process?

Any help would ... (more)

57 4

Business Cash and Credit Lines Center
Do It Yourself Dun & Bradstreet Business Credit Builder - Tip #3

Many business owners are unaware of the value of incorporation or LLC. ... (more)

206 2

Francoise Luca
Did you pay too much for your business?

I saw a Manta post asking for advise on whether to buy a business, I just had to speak up.

I recommend any business owner looking to sell his/her business get a ... (more)

44 0

Jonathan Berman
Are you ready to sell your website business? First things first....

If you choose to sell it directly on an online auction marketplace, one of your first decisions is to decide ... (more)

235 1

Haidee Miranda
Financial Lead Generation To Understand Leaders

B2B financial lead generation campaigns are always targeting leaders. Even if it is not the CEO, there is ... (more)

183 1

Chas Wyatt
Google+ and LinkedIn Drive Fewer, But More Engaged Referrals~

Interesting comparison between the various social media platforms.~

... (more)

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Pat McKemy
Google Analytics help!

I know that Google Analytics helps you track your website's traffic and visits and lets you know about how well (or bad) your website is doing. But how is Google ... (more)

79 5

Charlene Kahkonen
Where Would we be Without Computers?

Computers are used everyday for work and pleasure. where would we be if computers lock up and give constant popups? It is very important that you keep all your ... (more)

25 0

Charlene Kahkonen
Receipt Paper for Credit Card Machines, adding Machines & Cash Registers

Get A Case Of Receipt Paper for your Credit Card Machine, Adding Machine or Cash Register Shipped to Your Door for Only $48 With Free Shipping!

Each Case Has 48 ... (more)

38 0

Charlene Kahkonen
Rolls of Receipt Paper for Your Credit Card Machine, Adding Machine, Cash Register & Receipt Printer

Get A Case of Receipt Paper for Your Business Sent to Your Door for only $75 With FREE Shipping!

Each Roll of Paper is 3 1/8 x 230'
Each Case has 50 Rolls of ... (more)

37 0

Charlene Kahkonen
Where would we be without computers?

Computers are used everyday for work and pleasure. where would we be if computers lock up and give constant popups? It is very important that you keep all your ... (more)

30 0

Heather Seitz
5 Email Trends for 2014

Every year people get smarter, technology get better, and things change. Here are something you should be doing in 2014 if you’re already not.. Develop a mobile ... (more)

34 1

Vilhelm Bey
What is the cost for small business owners in US and Canada to import goods from abroad via CIF term?

I am starting doing business about steel and copper brake lines, and the main markets are North America. Tubes are made in China, and have to be exported to North ... (more)

36 1

Lucinda DeVries
I need help with a mailing list for Colorado water district customers.

According to CORA §24-72-204(3)(a)(IX) the districts are not allowed to give me customer information. Does anyone know how to pull a list of customers with a ... (more)

36 2

Patrick McFadden
One Successful Way to Get Past Cold Calling

Cold calling is proven to lead to high levels of anxiety for at least 40 percent of sales people during their careers. That’s why every company should strive to ... (more)

37 2

Francoise Luca
Know how much your business is worth, and other tips to know before you sell your business.

Here are 5 things to know BEFORE you sell your business. Just like you plan for ... (more)

42 0

Joye Smith
31 1

marieyolette Winfield
How Much Time Do You Spend Writing vs.Focusing on Your Customers and Growing Your Business? Visit us:

Yes, what you've heard is true: there is actually an art and science behind website traffic, converting traffic into sales (also known as Conversion), and getting ... (more)

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