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Jahangir Alam
I want to RGM order from your company

Dear Sir/Madam,

Good Afternoon. We are "ZOOM Fashiontex Ltd" from Dhaka, BANGLADESH, as a garments buying house agent & a supplier since from 2008. Now we are ... (more)

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LosAngelesFamily LawLawyers
Dedicated Family Law Attorney Los Angeles at

Our legal associates are experts in issue particularly in Family Law,Criminal ... (more)

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demetrius wilder
Corporate Tax Returns Need To Be Filed By March 15,2014

As business owners sometimes the time knows how to get by us very quickly. Even though we are knee deep in work the IRS still expects you to file. If you are ... (more)

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Karen Johnson
Is your Email Marketing Effective?

Are you using email marketing to retain existing customers and gain new ones?

If so, make sure you are implementing the ... (more)

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Tiara Simmons
What's the best way to retain customers?

When it comes to customer retention, what have you found works best for your business? (more)

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Jason Rose
We are in the process of an area wide search for the next Sponsor of our Goalkeeper Training Company. Are you our next Sponsor?


We are in the process of an area wide search for our next Sponsor! Do you know of a private or family business that would like to Sponsor ... (more)

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Website feedback?

I have been busy working on user friendly layout, navigation, etc to provide a better website. I am looking for HONEST feedback for (more)

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Landmark Tax Group
Do You Need To File A Federal Tax Return This Year?

Perhaps. The amount of your income, filing status, age and other factors help determine if you must file.

Even if you don’t have to file a tax return, there ... (more)

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Patrick McFadden
Do You Really Aim To Please?

Successful Business Owners know the importance of customer service. Often, with competitors offering identical products at comparable prices, the only thing that ... (more)

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dolly silva
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Sal Gomez
How can I grow a social website for golfers?

How can I grow a golf social site my question is how can you motivate people to join my golf social website this site have the same features as if you were on a ... (more)

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Tyson Downs
What is something you learned from scratch in order to operate your business better?

Just curious to see what everyone has had to learn over their time as business owners. (more)

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William Kendi
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Karen Johnson
February 2014 Arizona Healthcare News

Involved with Healthcare in Arizona?
Don't miss out on our monthly healthcare news, specific to Arizona. This month, therapy cap appeal, ... (more)

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Chas Wyatt
$600,000 Facebook Ad Disaster.~

A lesson in bad marketing expenditures.~

... (more)

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jafar delavare

hi (more)

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Lee Grider
Hi everyone … CRM systems and increasing or finding more energy...

I manage a real estate investment company with my wife. The biggest area that I fall short is follow-up... My desire is to increase my energy level, however I ... (more)

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Landmark Tax Group
New IRS Requirement for Businesses: Form 8822-B

Beginning January 1, 2014, any entity with an EIN (Employer Identification Number), such as a corporation, LLC, tax exempt organization, ... (more)

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Patrick McFadden
Do You HATE Blogging? 3 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Site Without Blogging

It’s the question I get more often than any other when I’m talking with business owners about having a content strategy.

It’s the question I see most often ... (more)

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Heather Harmon
What do you think about the proposed minimum wage increase?

President Obama is expected to push for a federal minimum wage increase in his State of the Union address Tuesday. (more)

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Chas Wyatt
LinkedIn Opens Publishing Power To All Users

Formerly just available to 'Influencers', all members now have the ability to publish original content on their profile page. Here are the details.~

... (more)

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Chas Wyatt
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Patrick McFadden
Marketing Without Goals is the Noise Before Failure

Anyone that’s heard me speak or read my blog knows that I believe setting marketing goals is the most important step for SMB marketing success. Without ... (more)

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Kimberly Drullinger
Trade Shows

I was just wondering from any of your personal experiences what do you suggest when it comes to attending Trade Shows? Or an example of what you gave out as ... (more)

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Landmark Tax Group
6 Ways to Reduce Your Chance of an IRS Audit

IRS correspondence and in-person audits, especially among high-income earners, are on the rise. Although there is no guaranteed way to prevent an audit, following ... (more)

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