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Patrick McFadden
5 Social Media Lessons Gleaned from a New SMB Study

There is no shortage of social media advice. Unfortunately, much of it is often at odds, conflicting and even confusing.

This is why sound research is so ... (more)

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Stacy Rojas-Guerra
What's the best way to sell my products locally and abroad?

I want to sell my products locally and internationally, how should I go about this?

My Business name Texas Divas Boutique

Our ... (more)

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Kristy Campbell
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Patrick McFadden
5 Things You Must-Know To Sell To a Small Business Owner

I won’t wait. I’ll tell you right off that I suspect there are Fortune 500 consultants that would charge tens of thousands of dollars for what I’m about to ... (more)

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Ashley Davidson
What's the best way to gain website traffic?

Gain more traffic onto a website through search engines? (more)

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Chas Wyatt
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Erica Simpson
As a business, how many social media channels do you use?

I am a Real Estate Broker I must admit I have several blogs along with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube (more)

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Patrick McFadden
4 Telltale Signs It’s Time to Hire a Marketing Consultant

Many small business owners start out solo. Sometimes it’s out of necessity, and sometimes it’s what they want.

Over time, however, you’ll have to begin ... (more)

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Karen Cummings
Are you successfully building your business' brand?

In today's competitive markets, it is crucial to develop a strong brand - one that customers can connect with and develop loyalty ... (more)

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Jay Taylor
Is article posting still relevant?

Is article posting still relevant? A year or so back a lot of emphasis was laid on article as well as blog posting but not any more. Today search engine ... (more)

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Chas Wyatt
Alt Image Tags

I have used an image sharing site to post pics and it has been suggested to use an alt image tag, instead of the code generated by the image sharing site. Can ... (more)

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Kartar Singh
I am hearing a term crowdfunding nowadays, I was wondering if any one has tried it already? If so, please share your insight or resources.

I am hearing a term crowdfunding nowadays, I was wondering if any one has tried it already, If so please share your insight or resources.

I am thinking about ... (more)

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Francoise Luca
How to put a price tag on your business

Someday you will want to retire and sell your business. That will be the day that you will want to know how much your business is worth. To get the best price for ... (more)

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Kattia Bolanos

I’ve worked in the call center and customer service industries for a long time, and throughout my career have attended more than my share of conferences. Over ... (more)

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Robert Kornblum
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Forte Speakers Hawaii
How can I drive more people to my business social media sites?

I have very active personal social media sites and fairly new business social media sites. Since these are set up differently than the personal ones, what is the ... (more)

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Joye Smith
Show Me the Money!!! Help Me Build My Business!!

Have questions on how to build your business? This article can ... (more)

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Traci Witt
Google Traffic Drops Suddenly and Drastically

I have had my custom invitation and note card business for 5 years now. From the first day I launched my website, I have done well with traffic and conversion. ... (more)

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Seth Randall
Business Owners On Twitter and Facebook, Help Each Other Grow in Likes and Followers

I offer a discount to all customers that like our facebook page in the hope that they will tell their friends and the word will spread. Anyone who likes our ... (more)

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Landmark Tax Group
8 Facts on Late Filing and Paying IRS Penalties

April 15 is the annual deadline for most people to file their federal income tax return and pay any taxes they owe. By law, the IRS may assess penalties to ... (more)

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Karen Cummings
5 Ways your Website Can Drive Customers through Your Doors

If you aren't online, you don't exist. We've all heard it said, but are you taking steps to ensure your business has an effective online ... (more)

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James Hanson
Could you sell your business if you really wanted to? Find out the truth about how sellable your business really is

Whether you are interested in selling your business or looking for ways to grow, keeping an eye on how attractive your company is to potential buyers is a good ... (more)

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Business Cash and Credit Lines Center
A business finance lesson from Facebook

A few weeks ago Facebook made its largest acquisition yet.

They bought WhatsApp, a messaging app for smartphones and tablets that lets you message ... (more)

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kristen summers
where are my customers? Do I have any and do not know how to retrieve them?

You guys have all been amazing chating with but I have poured out some very effective ways to attract clients and none. Just publishing comp. Manta says my ... (more)

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james mccrae jr
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