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Yourtown, USA
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Nick Francis
How to hire the right call center for your business requirements?

When you decide to hire a call center for your business requirements, for example telesales, customer service ... (more)

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Heather Seitz
Optimizing Your Unsubscribe Process

Sometimes people just don't want to be on your list anymore. Figure out how to optimize your unsubscribe process to keep them from hitting the spam button.

To ... (more)

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Nancy Lake
How do people find websites?

How do people find a website? What key words should be used? Can I choose my own key words? (more)

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Norma Rodriguez
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jack gott
how can i get retail people to look at my web page cheap?

how can i get more people to look at my web page and to let them know what we do ?what we do we go to retail parking lot and repaint the handicap logo and we do ... (more)

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Victor Awosika
How else should i win clients to my side? Help!

I am in Ontario, Canada
I am very new in staffing business and i tried what i know strategically to draw clients to us. but it is not yielding. I need help guys. (more)

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Francoise Luca
Are you a B2B or B2C business?

B2B businesses are those businesses that provide goods or services to other businesses.

B2C businesses are those businesses that provide goods or services to ... (more)

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servando ornelas
Take Time to Talk

I met someone today during my business day. I walked into his office to introduce myself. I told him that I am a direct private money lender and commercial loan ... (more)

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Kattia Bolanos

I’ve worked in the call center and customer service industries for a long time, and throughout my career have attended more than my share of conferences. Over ... (more)

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kristen summers
where are my customers? Do I have any and do not know how to retrieve them?

You guys have all been amazing chating with but I have poured out some very effective ways to attract clients and none. Just publishing comp. Manta says my ... (more)

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Dawn Kristine
How do you deal with friends, co-workers and some strangers not seeing the value in the service you provide by asking for extreme discounts?

I feel put off when this happens. I create fresh, vibrant images that capture the essence of my subjects, from portraits and landscapes to still life's and ... (more)

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Anthony Marlatt
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Emily Steele
Aloha! Honolulu Lei Greetings is looking to connect with more travel agents who are interested in arranging airport lei greetings...

Our focus is on quality and we treat every visitor as our guest. We greet our guests right at their gate with a beautiful fresh flower lei of their choice and ... (more)

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122 1

j. m.
i want to expand advertisement,cost effective. we go to customers,fuel is an issue. how can i reach future customers without losing money in advertisment?

i have started a home repair automobiles below the year 2002 only. have my own tools and trucks and looking to expand to 10 local trucks servicing the ... (more)

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Enrique Stuart
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james mccrae jr
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Kattia Bolanos

Customer service satisfaction is vital to a business’s success. The experience a customer has when trying to resolve a problem will greatly affect whether or ... (more)

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Tiara Simmons
What's the best way to retain customers?

When it comes to customer retention, what have you found works best for your business? (more)

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kristen summers
Had practice 28 yrs. in Miami as a LCSW. Have office need clients?

I have not had to market myself for many years its scary. I'm offering first session free. It is rare I do not click after the first session. However, ... (more)

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mike dunn
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Andrew Murphy
Trying to reach out to our customers any advice will be helpful.

IAT Auto and Truck repair LLC is only two months old, but helping our customers get there vehicles fixed at a reasonable price and dependable work has allowed us ... (more)

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Chas Wyatt
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Crystalyn Shane
How can I get more customers to my site?

Hi my name is crystalyn Shane, I am the owner of custom Shane gifts. i was wondering how i can to get more customers to my site i had updated some information on ... (more)

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Yve Telesford
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