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Do you value scenario support from your supplier?

Scenario support is a person or designated team that responds to inquiries about ways to use a product or service. The scenario support is likely to be provided by the product manufacturer. If your business or your industry has standardized scenario support, or has began to implement scenario support resources, do you value it? Why? Can you give us examples of how this benefits you?

For example, in the lending industry, a lender may provide loan scenario support to the retail mortgage branch. A loan officer may call the scenario desk with questions about a borrower's current mortgage situation and specific program qualifications. The scenario desk would provide the loan officer with an opinion about qualification and possibly suggest other programs for which the borrower may qualify. The benefits of loan scenario support for a mortgage branch are loan officers who have quick answer to specific borrower's situations. Officer can then set attainable expectations for the potential borrowers, and can prevent themselves from making promises they won;t be able to fulfill, like a mortgage with terms that a borrower can't qualify for.

As asked at the beginning of this post, does your industry uses scenario support as a standard resource? If so, what is your industry and can you give us examples of how you benefit? If not, do you think that you could benefit from a resource like this? What industry are you on and why do you think you would benefit from this?


As a direct mortgage lender, we offer two loan scenario desks, one for government loans and one for conventional loans. If you are looking for a mortgage branch opportunity, please visit our website to learn more
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We are a software product manufacturer - we provide scenario support to the customer - Our product - ACE Contact manager is so flexible that it can be used for any industry - users can change fields on their own. Hence, how to best use it for a specific industry is required for a new user. Please join and look into "ACE7CRM" group in LinkedIn.
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