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I recently published my computer repairs and services website two months ago but I havent had any sales. Can anyone help?

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2/6/12 at 6:56 pm
Jerrard McCarthy
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Your website have no meta tags and no keywords at all.
You have to do a SEO.


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2/6/12 at 8:42 pm
Vladislav Nechayev
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Vlad is right. You have got to do more then just build the site and wait for the flood of traffic. Tell us so far in the 2 months what have you done as far as link building? What places have you listed your website?

2 months is nothing when you just went live. You have got to work on link building and getting your website listed every day. You can do free stuff to start but later down the road you got to get serious if you are going to compete even on a local scale.

I just ran a scan of your website and you have 0 backlinks. Honestly no one knows your on the web except for the people here and who ever else you tell.

Just to take a sample I took the keyword "Springfield Mass Computer Repair" and your competition. the other sites that rank for this keyword have been online for a min of 4 years to 15 years. They have hundreds of thousands of backlinks BUT they do have surprising low PR.

If your looking to gain sales you must must must in the very least do on page SEO (title tags, keywords and more content. You are ina very tough local field BUT by choosing very specific keywords, doing on and off page SEO and hard work in about 4-6 months you can start to see some results. If you do nothing as it is now...that will be the result.

Sorry you have to hear it like this but I rather you hear the truth on what needs to be done then sugar coat it and have you think all is ok when it is not.

Im sure you will still get great advise as well so take it all in and step back to make that choice to go further online with this business. I mean you may do just as good if not better with everyday advertising in your local newspaper as well.

2/6/12 at 10:31 pm
Ricky Joyner
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Hey Jerrard - sorry, but I wouldn't buy services from you based on your web site.

I know it's unfair but being an ex-computer guy myself, I expect a 'computer guy' to know enough about web sites to build a credible site or to know someone who can.

A 'roll your own website' with GoDaddy's WebSiteTonight tool is lame. The price/service menu page is not laid out well, the columns aren't straight - it looks like the work of a Jr High student.

You don't have a physical address in the contact page. Another red flag raises when I see that. I'm not going to hand a $500 to $1000 piece of equipment to a stranger, one that may contain five figure value work product or higher - if that stranger doesn't tell me where I can find him later if his phone isn't being picked up and my emails go unanswered.

If you are working out of your spare bedroom - get a brick and mortar office as soon as you can afford it. In the meantime at LEAST get yourself a public mail box or mailing address via a a virtual office. And... incorporate yourself for the sake of protecting yourself from unreasonable people who want to litigate and put a lien on your house because their hard drive died right after you cleaned their monitor's screen and replaced their sticky keyboard.

For the most part, in a service business - you have to make the first contact via off-line work, the website is more of a place where you go look up that computer guy's email address or phone number, or office hours. The guys in Vegas who are looking for consumer/home computer work post signs around town - simple signs COMPUTER REPAIR - WE FIX IT OR YOUR DON'T PAY CALL and so forth.

They use 4x6 cards and tuck them under wipers or into the crack between the door window and the door panel - they 'paper' the strip mall parking lots.

Before I got involved in marketing as a business and into I.T. as a trade, I was a computer guy for small businesses - doctors, lawyers, accountants, small manufacturing companies, cabinet and carpentry shops, restaurants, etc.

I used to leave business cards every where I shopped. Eat in a privately owned restaurant, spot the manager or owner, slip him or her my brochure that included my business card. Keep that up and do a good job - word of mouth starts generating more clients - now the web site starts to work as an online brochure. You also need to start investing some time and study into localization optimization of your website - use stuff like Google Places to get started on that, do searches for directories (Manta for instance), - take ownership of the listing of your phone number. A commercial phone number is worth having just for the listings it creates in various phone number compilations.

There's some ideas to work with - I wish you well in your business. FWIW a tool that I frequently use to build websites is WebPlus X5 by Serif Software. I have an affiliate link for Serif because I think they have good products at a fair price. If you use the link I make a few bucks from it - however I assure you of this fact, I've been a semi-evangelist for their product line for a lot longer than I have been a marketing affiliate for them. The way I select affiliate products to promote? When I use a product or service and I find myself thinking - wow that's a good product, that was a good deal, then I dig into their website fine print and find out if they have an affiliate program.

This tip alone was worth your time to read this message! Just think of how it might apply to what you do!

Want to make your computech solutions company grow and prosper? Do a great job at a fair price and ask people for references, testimonials, referrals. Tell them you need their help and if they like you THEY WILL BE HAPPY TO HELP!
2/6/12 at 10:41 pm
Gordon Lincoln
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Hi Jerrard,

I'll echo some of the previous posts on the quality and content of your website, one thing I'll clarify is that your website isn't bad, it can simply be much better.

The hardest thing to explain to anyone when building and publishing a website is that that is the first step, you still have to market it, build links to it, get it published on various directories, connect it to your social media outlets, etc. Having a professionally done, properly keyworded website is imperative. Keywords, content, Title and Meta tags, etc are all on-page SEO. Building backlinks, article marketing and anything else not directly on the website is all off-page SEO. Both have to be done to have a really successful website.

Getting traffic to your website is only one step, the next is figuring out what you want those visitors to do once they are on your site. Are they to contact you? Buy something? Sign up with you? Learn about you? Be educated on your products or services? See what you can do for them? All these points need hashed out during the design phase of your website and then incorporated into that design.

Too many people are on-line nowadays and having a visible, on-line presence gives you authority and builds trust, it establishes that you are a reputable business. But a website only does this when it is done right.

If you a brick and mortar business, put your address on the front page and preferably a map, if not then get your name, phone number, e-mail address and any other contact information up there, posted prominently. Make sure that when people contact you using that information that you respond quickly to it. E-mails should be responded to within 24 hours at the absolute maximum and phone calls should be answered immediately (unless you are with a client or customer) at which point the call should be returned as soon as possible.

There is a huge difference between just having a website and having one that gets you customers and clients.

Pat Tuure
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2/7/12 at 7:45 am
Patrick Tuure
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Thanks for all constructive responses. I have more ideas now on what to do
2/7/12 at 9:59 pm
Jerrard McCarthy
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Can't see the site since it is either not posted or I am not fully logged in but, I know anyone that is looking for computer work goes to Craigslist. Post ads daily. Do you come to their house/business? Are you insured (an even cheap gl policy can be had for $1000 bucks a year). What is your Unique Selling Proposition?
2/29/12 at 6:46 pm
Christopher Flemming
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3/13/12 at 1:04 pm
Lee Dworshak
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3/13/12 at 10:12 pm
J.R. Riley
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I would hire a copywriter to start. Also, you mention nothing about your training and I would think this essential if I'm turning over my computer to you.
3/28/12 at 7:13 am
R. Jerome China
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