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What types of materials do you guys leave behind when cold calling(in person) or networking events, and when meeting people in general?

So far i have my business cards and im having rack cards made. Have you guys had luck with rack cards? what else do you use? Should i be leaving company info/welcome packets?
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10/25/11 at 12:32 pm
Alisa Beatty
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I will always leave my business cards. Depending if they have a briefcase or something else to carry a brochure I will try to leave one of those as well. I have found if they don't have something to carry more than a Bcard they might toss it.
However make sure you always leave them with not only material but incentive to to contact you.
For example, Alisa it is a pleasure to meet you, (here is my Bcard) call me I can offer you some free online advertisements. (that is a real offer, email me. info@favsmile.com)

Christopher,Founder www.FAVsmile.com
10/25/11 at 1:07 pm
christopher georgopoulos
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It really depends on what you type of business you have and where you meet someone. Business cards are a standard of course, and may be all you need at a networking meeting. What type of business do you have and I can give you better advice from my experiences in many industries.
10/27/11 at 5:38 pm
Josh Norris
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Hi Alisa,

For your business, I'd recommend something that keeps your name in front of them. To Do pads or post it notes with your info on them might be a perfect fit! When their list gets too long your info will be right there to contact you.

BTW, I'd love to have your business (virtual assistant) as a featured merchant on our site, which offers daily deals for small businesses.

Please check out our get featured page and drop me a line if interested.

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10/28/11 at 2:21 pm
Paul Dionne
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We do screen printing and embroidery. Depending on the meeting, T-shirts are an inexpensive gift or embroidered golf shirts for better clients. People rarely save business cards.
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10/28/11 at 2:51 pm
Paul Formal
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We recommend to our clients inexpensive, useful promotional products such as memo books, writing instruments, etc. Branding is very important in business and one must set themselves apart from the competition. For more info. and ideas please email: [url=mailto:howard@ocmpromotions.com]howard@ocmpromotions.com[/url] or call 248-355-0287.
10/28/11 at 4:08 pm
Howard Aston
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10/28/11 at 6:19 pm
James Currence
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Contact me for more details:
10/28/11 at 6:22 pm
James Currence
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To whom it may concern,

I take brochures,CD's and business cards with me.I give my potential client one of each.I find this works very well.I also explain to them the potential tax benefits of owning a home-based business. THERE IS NOTHING BETTER.If you have any questions call me at my office,210-733-0053 or on my cell phone,830-796-5252.

Tom Le Roy
10/29/11 at 10:00 am
Thomas D. Le Roy
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Most people use (and love to receive at no charge) note pads. They can be inexpensive -- 25-50 1/4-page sheets with your contact info printed on it, or more depending on what you want to spend. Hand the note pad to the prospect, along with your business card and a statement as to what's in it for them (e.g. why they should call you)! I can help you with this, if you'd like. Contact me at 615-269-9600!
10/29/11 at 10:13 am
Barbara Olsher
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