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Need suggestion on internet traffic push for my type of business. A taxi service!

I am a one women show with my taxi business! I have been business for five years and a driver for 10. It is getting more and more difficult to get good traffic push off the internet! I have tryed all types of advertising and it is very costly and some very ineffictive. I need help, I have worked hard to build up good repore with several business travelers and other companys, but its not enough to keep me in business! I could use all the suggestions I can get! I have put out business cards for years, but the problem with that is many taxi drivers come behind you and pick them up and thrown them away! Very cut trought business! HELP anyone!
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6/6/11 at 3:24 pm
Deb Rogers
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Hey Deb,

We would love to give you some timely suggestions to get your web traffic and business up. I am sorry to hear that you have also spent money trying to market your business without any real results.

May I ask do you have a website? I would like to see it to see how I can help you. Also what other ways are your pushing your business on the internet?

Once we get more info we can take a crack at the problem.
6/6/11 at 3:34 pm
T. Laverdure
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Hi Deb,

Check out this thread, a similar business needing help like you:


Lots of good suggestions you could try.

Pat Tuure
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6/7/11 at 7:45 am
Patrick Tuure
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Here's the link to Deb's website: in case either of you would like to take a look.

Pat, great idea posting that thread; there are lots of helpful tips in there.


I noticed you have a premium business listing. To be sure you are targeting the right keywords to get new business, you might want to check out Google's keyword tool. With this tool, you can insert keyword phrases and see the amount of competition for these terms and the estimated search volume. The tool will also suggest other keywords and phrase that might fit your business needs. Check it out here:

Let me know if you have any questions.

6/7/11 at 8:56 am
Anna Harper-Hess
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To all replys: Yes! I am looking for some really good and inexpensive advise! I am on most top listings, but I can not afford to put out any more extra money for non -productive calls. People drive me crazy calling! How much to and ok! I'll get back and you never hear from them, because the compatition is undercutting all the rates to the bare bone to the point they are not even making back their gas money? (STUPID) I would say! I am not in physical shape to hop in and out of my cab when I have time to put out more business cards that are not getting calls either. I don't go to the hotels any more because every desk clerk wants and expects pay off and that got started a few years ago! I am not here to put money in their pockets, in the past I never had to do that and had a lot of respect and calls from most of the hotels!

I look for my calls from the internet. There has been times it has been very, very profitable with out of town trips! Then there are the penny pencer just looking for a free ride! Being that I am only one cab person, I can not afford to cut prices, unless they are going on longer trips out of town! Gas had eaten up my bank account and contant reparis to a mini van I have only had three months, with very high payments are not helping matters! So, suggestions, please help. I need work to stay afloat for the summer! It is very, very slow! Deb
6/7/11 at 8:35 pm
Deb Rogers
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Deb's Taxi Service
Hi Deb--

I don't really know the taxi business, so these may or may not be useful suggestions.

Do you have regular customers? If so, have you considered a loyalty program-- which means giving a small "reward" for repeat use of your taxi? E.g., a punch card-- where the 10th ride is free.

Alternatively, think about your most loyal customers again. Is there a way to reward them for new customer referrals? E.g., for every 5 referrals, they get a free ride.

Since deadbeat riders are an issue, could you offer a small discount for pre-paying-- maybe use PayPal online?

Just some thoughts...
6/8/11 at 8:09 am
Peter Morse
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These are good suggestion, just have to tweek some of them! Thanks
6/8/11 at 12:25 pm
Deb Rogers
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Deb's Taxi Service
Hey Deb, it was great talking with you today. Hope to hear from you soon!
6/8/11 at 1:45 pm
T. Laverdure
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3/13/12 at 1:25 pm
Lee Dworshak
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I would suggest becoming a member of your local Chamber of Commerce. There is generally lots of business to be had there including the wonderful opportunity to network. Must memebers are business owners both small, medium and large.

Also, I would suggest developing some marketing materials and pitching for corporate account business. I would add that being a one person operation I believe it would be tough to make it in that industry. Also, in Richmond since there is no mass transit system most people have a car which adds to problem of making money.

Also, partner with other one-person operations in an attempt to create a larger company. This way you'll usually always have a driver out. Anyway good luck! By the way, what's wrong with offering the hotel clerk money to recommend your services - it's done all the time and might be worth it.
3/27/12 at 11:01 am
R. Jerome China
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