What is the the best way to get traffic to my site, with a small amount of funds?

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3/16/11 at 1:23 pm
George Stroud
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Hi George,

Are you familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? If so, there are a few things for starters you can do for free to tweak your web site and get more traffic coming. See my blog post "How to SEO Your Business Web Site."

Also, submitting your web site URL to Google indexing may help as well.
3/17/11 at 4:46 pm
Bonnie Messick
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Hi George

I have just learned the hard way that the paid advertising money was wasted and I didn't get any hits from local news papers and minimal hits with Google Ad Words. What has really helped was waiting until Google Maps added my site to other like sites. It took five weeks for that to take place, but once I got my "marker" like the other guys, I now get calls and emails.

Another thing was getting Google to crawl my site. I had much trouble with them accepting my sitemap until I came across Snapsite. They ended my five weeks of hell. I might have gotten my marker sooner if I had found them sooner. Hope this helps.
3/23/11 at 12:10 pm
Kay Warner
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How small are you talking?
3/23/11 at 1:17 pm
Victoria Hendricks
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Not sure who you referred the question too. If it was me, I only got 14 customers for the month of February with my paids ads. Since the marker and no paid ads I average 5 new customers per week.
3/23/11 at 1:33 pm
Kay Warner
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Hey George, The first post is right, Search Engine Optimization is the way to go, however, that being said, let me tell you that "SEO" is an ongoing process, and is not something that you can do "just once" and expect it to work. NO, not at all, SEO is an on-going process, which takes a lot of time, even for the most experienced Internet marketer. Sure, you can learn to do it yourself, "if you have the time to learn it, you're going to need to have lots and lots of free time to learn SEO", or you can hire someone like me to do it for you, so that YOU CAN START MAKING MONEY ASAP!!!!! With me you can start making money in under 3 weeks. As for little money, well I've been helping small business grow for a few years now, starting as low as $200 down and $150 per month for on-going internet marketing. If you would like to know more, or if you're ready to get started, I can be reached at 408-726-8591. I'm in San Jose, California........................... Best Wishes, Giovanni M................. PS - I'm here under Jumper Zone ( www.party-jumpers-for-sale.com ) but Jumper Zone is actually a client of mine, and not my company. I'm on Manta simply to promote Jumper Zone, which is part of the SEO process. SEO is a really long "never ending" process. People, seriosly, don't try to do it yourself, you're going to end up wasting a lot of your much needed time that can be better spent growing your business, and counting that money!!!!!!!!
3/23/11 at 1:59 pm
Giovanni M...
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Hey Giovanni,
Thanks for your comments concerning SEO use
I am just curious...
What are you doing on a consistent basis that will guarantee a ROI of an approx
investment of $2,000 per year to you?

Also comment on what has been the response from customers you've
sent to a respective client and how much average income has been generated
after the first 5 weeks of utilizing your service. Thanks
I await your response
Steve Braxton
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3/23/11 at 3:08 pm
Steve Braxton
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All good answers. SEO work is the first step, it often takes a year to get the ball rolling. If your web page designer makes it more Google optimization friendly, it may take less time. Most pages are poorly designed for Google to move your site up faster than normal. My web site, WWW.SparksElectric.com is not as search engine friendly as I would like but it is a great looking site and I have had it modified a few times to make it more search engine friendly. Your pages should also contain as many of your key words as possible, Google will find them as the spiders look at all of your pages. Within the pages, your programmer will place meta tags, those tags should also be key words to up your ranking. Joining other marketing companies like Manta will also help. Get your name out however you can and supplement your ads with conventional ads until the SEO work starts bringing in the work load you want. Good luck.
3/23/11 at 5:44 pm
Gary Stankiewicz
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Giovanni is right about SEO. It is a journey more than a destination. I have looked at the website that you have. Advertising in Depth performs SEO services for clients, as well, and I can suggest to you that SEO is not the answer for you. It appears that you have little control over your site and very limited access to how the website is designed to operate.

Here, for instance, is an example of a website that works more effectively for the type of opportunity that is offered by your website.

Internet marketing is not a "one trick pony." There are many tools that may be used to market a product or service on the internet. To use a woodworking analogy, you would not use a hammer to cut a piece of wood any more than you would use a saw to drive a nail.

For each client, Advertising in Depth chooses from a variety of customized intenet marketing tools to produce the result that the business owner is seeking. Prices for applying these tools vary widely, and the cost depends on how much of the on-going maintenance you are willing to do on your own.

We would be happy to discuss with you the options that you would have available through Advertising in Depth.
3/23/11 at 5:58 pm
Dennis Holman
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Your site appears to be some sort of internet marketing...SEO takes forever, PPC is too competitive for this market...But YouTube is free. Make a video or six, use your keywords in the description (better yet - search YouTube for videos on how to use keywords in YouTube). If it works, you'll get thousands of views...if it doesn't work, try again. You're jsut losing time, not money.

Join warriorforum.com...the members there are internet marketers that may help. It's free too.

Good Luck.
3/23/11 at 7:58 pm
Will Beeth
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