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What's the best way to market in a competitive environment?

I have a tax business in east orange, nj (home office) and I'm trying to think of other ways to market to people who are more interested in the front office locations. How can I do this?

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11/25/12 at 11:44 am
Cherie Williams
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I would do some blogging, providing some free and very helpful advice as well as set up a website which lists your credentials, experience and references (recommendations).

Get out and network with any and everyone. Every person you meet is a potential customer. I would target small businesses who can afford and need the service.
11/25/12 at 3:14 pm
Ms Hackett
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Hi Cherie,

I agree with Ms. Hackett about targeting small businesses. In addition you should seek advice from experts who specialize in helping small businesses grow.
11/25/12 at 3:51 pm
Leland Burton Independent Associate
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Hey Cherie,

Ask yourself this: How do I find products and services?

If you answered 'Google' then you are locating products and services the same way your customers are. Internet searches are far and away the most useful tool for finding products and services.

You have a fairly attractive website, but it is poorly developed and poorly optimized for search. Please do not misunderstand. I am not saying your site does not look nice, it does. What I am saying is that it is coded using archaic coding techniques that inhibit its search visibility.

I would encourage you to read this post here on Manta. It will give you a basic understanding of how search engines work and offer suggestions as to how you can improve your visibility.

Improving your visibility in local search is the single most effective advertising in the twenty-first century. Follow the recommendations in the aforementioned post and see if it improves your rankings. If you have questions, feel free to contact me. I will be happy to help in any way I can.

Good luck and have a ROCKSTAR night!

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11/25/12 at 9:54 pm
Matthew O'Brien
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I agree with MJ that you need to be found online. You are on page 5 on Google local searches, page 6 on Bing local searches and not in the first 10 pages on Yahoo local searches. Not in a good position to get found on either one. Claiming your local listings for each one and then optimizing them to get on the first page of searches will get you where people are looking for you.

You may also benefit from Craigslist, especially now that tax season is around the corner. Keep in mind that ads with images liked to your website do much better.

Video marketing could be another option for you. Creating a Youtube channel with tax help videos and doing SEO on your channel and videos can help you get found. You don't need high end videos for success, it more in what you do with the videos then how they look.

If you have an office in a busy area, QR Code promotions in your windows can be very effective also.

Dan Ramthun
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11/26/12 at 8:43 am
Dan Ramthun
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One of the things that we find helpful in marketing Manta is video. Try filming a little video and promoting it on your social networks.

Here is an example of how to use video in marketing
11/29/12 at 4:37 pm
Joseph Licata
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